Eradicating Religion

Something to consider…

Atheist Logic Fail


I am going to demonstrate that not only is it impossible to get rid of religion, it is stupid to try.  People that try to eradicate religion either know what they are doing is wrong and impossible and are therefore doing it consciously and with evil intent, or they are too stupid to detect their own horse shit.


Dawkinites and Hitchenites frame religion as some external structure of authority forcing its values on others from a superior position.  What though if my religion is my own religion?  What if I am the high priest of my own religion?  What if I us belief pragmatically as a tool t manipulate myself?  Impossible you say?  Well let me explain how validity works, if I can show you one instance where your argument fails it is not valid, you have to retract it and correct it and resubmit…

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