We Are All United…Right Now

A lot divides us these days. We throw distinctions around freely, make them to separate us and make us distinct. We think these stories we make somehow define us, identify us amidst the throng. Democrats and Republicans, left and right, liberals and conservatives…the distinctions never end.

Some of us even base our most intimate relations on them. If a person meets enough of our criteria (appears to fall into the categories we make with our distinctions), then we consider them as potential lovers, soul mates. If they meet all our criteria, we think we’ve found The One, the one we create the Holy Being (us…the Twin Flame Heart) with.


We may even think those distinctions are us…that we are the sum of the unique things that make us appear separate and different from others. Those things are thoughts, mental constructions made by us…they are not us. Yet we persist in thinking so, and in acting as if that were true. Buddhists call this mistaken thinking an affliction.

Those distinctions divide us, not unite us. Those distinctions are the cause of wars and violence, of much of the pain and suffering in the world. Those distinctions identify us…as separate.

In our quests to find ‘our tribe,’ those like us, we divide ourselves from most of the world. We sow division.

It seems we cannot (or will not) unite with those unlike us. We go our separate ways, happy to do so. We divide ourselves unnecessarily. The idea of us and them is our most persistent illusion, our most harmful misconception. For we are all humans, all fundamentally the same…and yet all different. We (all beings here) are all shipmates on Spaceship Earth, hurtling together through the galaxy at incredible speeds, all headed for a common destination, all sharing a common fate.

Earth Africa

Yet our egos are determined to divide us, to pull the wool over our own eyes.

We let them.

In spite of this seemingly ‘natural’ tendency, there is one thing that unites us, one thing that we cannot avoid doing together.

No matter how much we may think we hate another, no matter how much we may not want to share anything with them, we cannot avoid sharing this one thing. We cannot avoid having a free, open, and most intimate experience with them…and with all people.

Yes, this thing unites Tea Party members with gays, Americans of African ancestry with the most bigoted rednecks, hippies and war pigs…

world supported

That thing, that act, that intimate sharing is none other than the breath.

In the act of breathing, we share oxygen (and pollution) with all beings. We all breathe together, whether we want to or not. It simply can’t be avoided.

In the act of breathing, we breathe the power of Life into ourselves. In the act of breathing, we unite and become One.

We breathe argon molecules that can be traced back to the breath of Jesus, of our earliest ancestors. We quite literally breathe the air Michelangelo breathed, that Hitler breathed. We breathe with the past, imbibe the same life-giving molecules they all did, all beings past.

In the present, we share breath with all beings, share the same sustaining atmosphere. We do it in unity.



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