The So Purkh Project

We started a project recently…the So Purkh project. So Purkh is an ancient mantra, rumored to bring one a holy lover, the one with whom we create the Twin Flame Heart. It is rumored to make your lover holy. Ariel thinks it will. I’m not so sure, but am sure of this…

Singing (and listening) to So Purkh does tune us…to love, to the Divine. It focuses us on our Beloved, the source of all love. Once one is focused on The Infinite Radiant IS, one begins to shine more clearly, more purely. Once that happens, anything is possible.

In either case, we will listen to So Purkh for eleven times a day, for forty days. In conjunction with this, we will (or at least I will) do a cleanse, turn up the yoga and exercise, and meditate daily. I will do darshan, and skin brushing and oiling. Forty days.

What do I hope to gain? Nothing. I will perform these actions without attachment to results, without expectations.

I can put a number of things in my brain…mindless TV, or a calming mantra. I can eat a Big Mac…or an artichoke. It’s up to me. If I pick up one side of the stick, I can’t avoid picking up the other. If I perform an action, I automatically get the results of that action.

We’ll see what happens…

I’ll post the song at the end of this post. Maybe you want to see what happens, too.

If you doubt the power of sound, think of what happens to you when you hear fingernails on a chalkboard, or a siren. Consider the effect the sound of running water has on you, or your lover calling your name.

Dear Beloved…I sing You to me. I sing you.

Of course I will keep my primary mantra, the mantra of yogis…AUM. I will still sing kirtan. I will. I will just add the resonance of So Purkh to it all. Just a dash…of spice, of love, of holy intention.

What could be better than a holy lover, one to share and explore this world, one who could praise the Divine in harmony with you? What burns more brightly than two hearts burning as one, united in love?

Mmm, I can hardly wait.




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