Letting Rumi Speak for You

Let me start with saying I love the poems of Jalalludin Rumi…

Let me also say that I think I will scream if I see one more person try to express their inner heart with his words.

Some people do nothing but post Rumi quotes…it is like they have no thoughts or feelings of their own. Like I said, I am down with Rumi…my lover and I used to read his words to each other. It was beautiful. But if all she did during sex was quote Rumi to me, she would have lasted a lot less longer than she did. If all I ever heard out of her mouth was Rumi, I’d begin to wonder if she was just a spiritual parrot, blindly repeating someone else’s words, for a dearth of her own. (I eventually came to this conclusion anyhow, but not for that reason). 

Frankly, I’d be more moved by real words from an actual person (however rough and crude) over the quoted words of someone else. 

Rumi, Rilke, whatever…give me words of old dead guys and I begin to suspect you are an old dead guy wannabe. Ceaselessly spout words of another, and I will conclude you have no thoughts or feelings of your own to share.

They always come the same way, these quoted phrases…pasted over a cute picture of a bunny or sunset, typically by someone else…and re-posted. That is just gross to me.

Roll over Rumi, tell Rilke the news…I think Rumi meant to inspire us to share our own words and feelings and observations…to share the flowers of our own hearts, rather than let them lie fallow while we spread the silk flowers of others over the fertile yet unused ground of our souls. They must be rolling in their graves.

Some of these women I kind of liked, at one time. I get the feeling I dodged a bullet when I read their incessant parroting of the great poets. For nothing is as big a turnoff as someone with no thoughts of their own, someone so shallow that they must find the illusion of depth in the words of another. It would be hellish to think the person you liked had some depth to them, only to discover they were a mere sycophant, a broken record of someone else’s thought and feeling…once it was too late.

Hey, I share quotes too…but I pull them out of my own head and heart. I don’t need to look them up, or flip through a book of quotes to find them. No, they made such an impact on me, their words are emblazoned on my soul. Looking up quotes from another is just creepy. Letting someone provide you with quotes for your yoga class is just laziness and shallowness. Sorry, but there it is.

So why not leave Rumi alone for a while? Why not try and express your own thoughts and feelings, share your own observations and insights? It takes a bit of strength to be so vulnerable. It takes a bit of courage not to hide behind others, not to wrap yourself in the robes of another’s spirituality.

Try it, though. I believe in you. Down there, beyond all the fronting of another’s words, lies the beautiful and unique YOU. Share that. That is sexy, that is spiritual.

Just spare us the old dead guy words, okay? At least change it up a bit, start quoting Lala (Naked Songs) or someone else. That would be a refreshing change.

As good ole Voltaire warned us…obscurity is the refuge of incompetence. Using the words of others is about as obscure as one can get. You are better than that. I just know it.

Blossom, little flower! Let no other speak for you. Inside, you have words as great as any of the sages. Inside, you have a depth and uniqueness unparalleled by any.

Share it.


Give ole Rumi a rest…he has been much used of late.

Can you do that for me? Can you do that for YOU?



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