Who’s in Charge Here?

Government has changed in a fundamental way, or at least our conception of it. Many seem to think of the common person as powerless against the government. Instead of serving the people, government has become a bureaucracy, legislating for its own good (its perpetuation and growth) instead of for the good of its citizens.

Pastor Deacon Fred

People are now governed by government (told what to do as if they were sheep or children) rather than served by it. The fact remains that public servants (our elected representatives) are our servants, not our overlords. These servants have forgotten that fact, as evidenced by the recent government ‘shutdown’ instituted by the minority Republican party in response to a law they oppose. If we do not remind these people who they are, we will have sealed the fate of our country for generations.

Those politicians are holding hostage the pay of soldiers, and possibly the Social Security of millions (whose funds are not even part of the budget being argued over), to mention a few. They tell Americans they cannot go on their public lands, national parks, or war memorials because the goverment refuses to pay people to charge or police the public. They tell Americans that they are the boss, not the public they were intended too serve.

We have a chance. We can show them who is boss – by uniting and supporting the upcoming truckers’ strike on November 11-13. If we refuse to spend a penny or go to work, we will shut them down, instead of them shutting the governent down. We are the government, and we can prove it to them.

If we will look beyond our selfish desires for three days, we can show them who really has the power. A general but peaceful citizens strike will show this. The Man has a gun to our collective heads. He is counting on our ignorance, apathy, and division to pull this stunt off. He is counting on our greed to keep us apart.

This is beyond Democrats versus Republicans. It is not an issue about Obamacare, or left wing versus right wing. This is not government versus the people, even. This is about a specific group of politicians who have acted against the basic tenets of their job. This is about a group of individuals who need to be held individually and collectively responsible for this misuse of their offices against their constituents.

If everyone would spend those three days of the United Citizens Strike calling for recall and impeachment of these people, we could take back our power, replace them with representatives who will do our bidding. The fundamental characteristic of their job is the ability to work within the legal constraints of goverment, with members of the ‘opposing’ parties. By their actions they have proven themselves as incapable of this, and should be fired for their unwillingness and inability to work with others.

Now more than ever it is true- united we stand and divided we fall.

Now more than ever, we need to show solidarity, go beyond our outward differences and take back our government from the lobbyists and special interest groups. We can form a common interest group, stop such lies as corporate citizenship, and manifest our  citizenship. We truly do get the government we deserve, and we deserve more!

Now is the time we can birth either a benevolent new age, or sit by and allow a New World Order to take over. We can choose unity, or allow tyrrany. We can vote with our pocketbooks, and with our involvement in running this country. We can repeal laws that allow citizens to be tried without trial, and for corporations to have more rights than US citizens.


We can find ways to do this that meet the needs of both parties, and of all citizens. We must step up though, and look beyond our own greed and outward divisions. We must stand together first as Americans, strong in our unity. Then we can display who is really in charge.

The time is now…the future is at hand. We can either sit idly by in our boxes and watch the mass media coverage of this travesty, of this debacle, or we can stand up together and show who we are, how we want to go down in history. We can choose to either make history, or sit by and watch it made by others. We can show our choice on November 11th, 2013, by uniting and showing who is really in charge.

Citizenship ceremony, 1960
Citizenship ceremony, 1960 (Photo credit: Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center)

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