A Governor Who Doesn’t Believe in Government

I live in Colorado. Our governor does not believe in government. In fact, he has misused our government apparatus to try to subvert and fight government.

When Longmont (the town I live in) voted against fracking (an evil process in which toxic chemicals are pumped into the Earth, endangering our water supplies), this ‘public servant’ sued our town…and threatened to sue any other towns that tried to govern themselves through the democratic process.

When we voted to protect ourselves from the well-documented dangers of fracking, he tried to stop us, and challenged our right to decide issues through voting. This boggles my mind and chills my spine. A supposedly ‘public servant, working against the public and their interests and health.

Showing himself to be a shill for the oil companies, this lackey has made a travesty of the democratic process. The fact that he threatened to sue towns that vote against fracking is tantamount to abdicating his right to serve the people. In pitting himself against the will of the people, he has demonstrated his unfitness to govern us.

I am amazed that there has been no talk of a recall election, or impeachment proceedings. I wonder if a class-action lawsuit is feasible. I am amazed at my own apathy, and at that of my fellow Coloradoans. I am also a bit ashamed, and vow to correct this civic shortcoming on my part.

Fracking is a heinous crime – against the Earth, society, and our offspring who need clean water in the future. War is terrible, but doesn’t generally damage the water supply for generations to come. Malfeasance by government officials is betraying a trust…but until now, no political shenanigans have so directly and immediately threatened the health and well-being of an entire state…and for generations to come.

The really crazy part about fracking is that we will pay to fund our own poisoning. The oil companies will definitely not absorb this cost as ‘exploration overhead’; they will most assuredly pass the cost on to us in the form of higher energy rates. What is being sold to us as a means of reducing dependence on foreign oil and lowering costs is just the opposite.

These costs will burden us a hundredfold – in energy costs, health costs, disaster recovery costs. It’s a racket; we pay to get poisoned…and get no voice in it. I am ashamed of myself for my complicity in this; a co.plicity born of apathy and ignorance to a degree, and an unwillingness to face the brutal facts and reality of this subject and to muster the appropriate actions in response.

I vow to change this. I have a grandson who will want a drink of clean Colorado water someday. I will do all I can to help him get that glass…and hope you do too.

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2 thoughts on “A Governor Who Doesn’t Believe in Government

  1. Hey – Thanks for this. I’m a fellow Longmontian. It’s been a long fight, and we’re not done yet. I’ll admit, I’m sort of hoping the Secession of Northern Colorado goes through and Gov. Frackenlooper goes with them.
    That said, I do share all of the fracking news with him via facebook and twitter. I’ve sent him emails. We petition him regularly.
    He has NEVER responded to any of the above.
    I believe a recall or impeachment is the only option because in the next election cycle he will be running against an opponent who I really do not want in office. IF we want a true choice for governor next term, the only option is to get Frackenlooper to step down now so we have two new choices in the next election.

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