Yoga and Christianity

Yoga and Christianity at first glance seem incompatible – from both sides. I suggest they are not only compatible, they are rooted in the same foundations and point in the same direction – if understood correctly.

Both ways of life are much misunderstood, by both their adherents and their opponents. Both are rooted in non-violence. Both are practices, not just simple belief systems. Both need to be lived out in daily actions of love, not just spoken about in certain moments. Both require one to rise beyond their ego and base desires, to look beyond our own limited viewpoints and live a life of love.

Both appear to diverge in the modern developments…in the current Paulism as opposed to root teachings of Yeshua, and in the modern version of yoga as a sort of spiritual Pilates, as opposed to the core yoga taught by the sages.

To the fundamentalist Christian, yoga looks like a scary brand of occult polytheism. To the yogis, Christianity may look like an exclusionary sect, with an angry, vengeful, hateful, and narrow-minded perversion of God of love fueling it. We fear what we don’t understand. 

That is natural. Yet we act out of ignorance if we dismiss one or the other, without taking the effort to understand them through personal experience. Each must be experienced to be understood. You simply cannot apprehend either by reading books about them or hearing the words and experience of others.

I suggest we owe it to ourselves to at least try to understand them and decide for ourselves if either has something to offer to help us on our paths. 

If we begin experiencing either, the Holy Spirit (or Ishvara – the same thing) will do the rest and we can get on with the healing, the purification, the change we all need so much.



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